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Currency Exchange Toronto
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Currency Conversions

Exchange cash, wire transfers or bank drafts of any coutry's currency at Taheri Exchange. We have better exchange rates, facilities and convenient services

Exchange Rates

Our foreign currency exchange rates are most competitive in Toronto, and possibly all of Canada. There are different rates for cash, bank drafts, and wire transfers

Money Transfers

We offer international payments. Make or receive an international foreign currency wire transfer, or send some quick cash to somebody abroad, we can do all that for you

Exchange Almost Any Currency

Easy, secure and convenient foreign currency exchange services

We deal in cash, wire transfers and bank drafts for every kind of currency. After 25 years, a foreign exchange dealer knows what makes a good service for the many different types of clients. Naturally, the best exchange rate is something that might concern you, and it concerns us. Alongside that, we have a very comprehensive variety of currencies. We carry out every transaction in an efficient and effective process focused at the convenience and comfort of our valuable customers. Most importantly, while maintaing the level of ease and facility for you, we take your security into consideration as a top priority.

Global Funds Transfers

International fund transfers with better foreign exchange rates

Transfer money internationally with better foreign exchange rates. Whether you need to receive a wire transfer (also known as EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer) or make some payment to somebody living abroad, we can help. Our international money transfers services combined with our superior money conversion rates are the best way to send funds. We treat our clients honestly and always advise you sincerely on the best suitable option for you to exercise. We have a range of cost effective solutions for you depending on the amount of money you have to transfer. Contact us for details on variety of fast, easy, simple and safe funds transfering solutions.

Mexican Peso
Mexican Peso

Want to exchange Mexican Peso? Taheri Exchange has great currency exchange rates and service. Whether you are buying Mexican Peso or selling Mexican peso, Taheri Exchange can convert your foreign currency.

Hong Kong Dollars
Hong Kong Dollars

Exchanging Hong Kong Dollars in Toronto is convenient. Taheri Exchange has fast service and good exchange rates. Whether you are buying Hong Kong Dollars or selling Hong Kong Dollars, Taheri Exchange is the best choice to convert HKD.